Family Mediation Training Ontario

We offer a boutique training limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

The family mediation training program is comprised of five courses: Family Relations, Fundamentals of Family Mediation, Screening for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalance, Family Law, and Advanced Family Mediation Skills. The program is designed to satisfy the education/training requirements of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation Accredited Family Mediation designation, AccFM, and the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario Certified Specialist in Family Mediation designation, FDRP Med.

These courses may be part of the process to become accredited or certified as a family mediator. In addition, there are background requirements and internship requirements.

We would refer you to the criteria for accreditation or certification set out by the dispute resolution organization that you are considering. Criteria for OAFM are shown here, and criteria for FDRIO are shown here.

If you have questions about your background and whether you should register for our courses please get in touch with Richard Shields to see if the courses are appropriate for you. You can reach Richard at:


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